Do you want to get additional income? Let's get down to business. Play the casino 50 freispiele ohne einzahlung. Seize the moment! Mobility Worldwide, formerly known as PET International is a faith-based, volunteer-powered, humanitarian, and world-wide organization, registered as tax-exempt 501(c)(3) under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

PET Carlisle, Inc. is one of 25 national and international affiliates supporting the missions and vision of PET International.

Our mission is two-fold:

  1. To provide a free “Gift of Mobility” through the production and distribution of PETs – an acronym taken from the complete name: Personal Energy Transportation. The name is descriptive of the vehicle pictured above which uses the personal arm strength of a mobility challenged person for transportation. Recipients can transport themselves and a cargo across terrain where a standard wheelchair cannot go.
  2. To provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for groups, clubs, churches and other interested persons in the funding, manufacturing and distribution of PETs. Situated within the Carlisle Community in Central Pennsylvania, we provide a unique opportunity for retirees, students, and volunteers from surrounding communities to demonstrate their compassion and love through the PET  Project.

Our Vision: Engage the community to grow as an Affiliate and earnestly contribute to the realization of the international Vision, which is a ten-fold increase in PET production and distribution by 2015.

With the following Objectives: Each PET is built to be …
STURDY – to last for many years;
SIMPLE – to be easily maintained;
ECONOMICAL – to allow the donor dollar to serve as many persons as possible; and
ECUMENICAL – to offer volunteers from all walks of life an opportunity to help provide this Gift of Love and Hope.