Our Story

Do you want to get additional income? Let's get down to business. Play the 50 freispiele. Seize the moment! An estimated 600 milion people worldwide live with disabilities. At least 80 percent live in developing nations with limited access to health care. Personal Energy Transportation (PET) is a glocal charity addressing the needs of those who are unable to walk due to disability, impairment, or injury.

The PET is a sturdy, three-wheeled vehicle propelled by hand-crank or pull handle, which can be operated by a man, woman, or child who is mobility-impaired. The PET enables an improved quality of life at work, school, and home. Self-propelled units come in adult and child sizes while the Pull PET is made for those without adequate upper body strength. More than 75,000 PETs have been distributed since the organization began in 1994. Each PET vehicle is provided to the disabled at no cost to the individual.

Our Mission

PET Carlisle seeks to reflect the love of God by bringing mobility and dignity to those in developing countries who are unable to walk.

We seek to fulfill this mission through five primary objectives:

  • To involve local governments, congregations, and business with donations, fundraising, and team building.
  • To teach students and adults in South Central PA about the need for wheelchairs in developing nations.
  • To grow a culture of gratitude for our country and it’s inclusion of the disabled. To teach the joy and sacrifice of serving together for a common good.
  • To include multiple groups: retirement communities, youth groups, alternative schools, veterans and individuals in the court system; in the manufacturing, painting, and packing process. Everyone is welcome.
  • To help those who are concentrating on their own concerns; to look beyond those challenges to the needs of others.

Our People

Our goal is to complete 1000 mobility carts by December 2020. To date, Volunteers have made 725 carts since our inception in 2015. Your donation allows us to keep building!

  • $613 – Total cost for one mobility cart (after shipping list)
  • $25 – Nuts and Bolts (buy in bulk discount)
  • $60 – Chain to drive the mobility cart forward
  • $100 – Bright colored exterior paint
  • $600 – Shipping for 50 mobility carts
  • $1,200 – Foam for 50 seats (bottom and back)
  • $3,500 – 50 sets of tires (3 tires each cart)
  • $10,000 – Fund one month’s operations and materials
  • $38,000 – Fund this building ministry project for a quarter of the year

PET is a three-wheeled, off-road wheelchair, operated by hand power. Built by a faith-based, non-profit, volunteer organization, PETs are delivered at no cost to people in developing countries who have lost the use of their legs due to birth defects, polio, diabetes, spinal cord injuries, land mines or war.

PET Carlisle INC
6 Mill Street
Mt Holly Springs, PA

A Unique Model

Designed to function in some of the world’s most remote regions, the PET is built on a sturdy wood / steel frame. The vehicle is propelled by a hand-crank or pull handle and is fitted with solid, puncture-proof tires. Each PET unit is built by hand. Thousands of dedicated volunteers at PET Affiliates along with refund purchasing practices enable maximum efficiency in production. The center section of the cart will accommodate an adult while the back has a compartment capable of hauling food, produce, tools or other necessities.

A Unique Story

The PET Mobility Project was founded by Reverend Mel West and missionary Larry Hills in 1994. The program is committed to reflecting the love of God by bringing mobility and dignity to those in developing countries.

Each PET is built at one of over 25 production facilities (Affiliates) and donated to distribution partners who handle the shipping, importation and assessment of beneficiaries. The PET has been is now recognized as one of the most efficient means of restoring mobility to individuals living in developing nations.