An End of an Era Helping People

Do you want to get additional income? Let's get down to business. Play the 50 freispiele ohne einzahlung 2021. Seize the moment! In the past eleven years, PET Carlisle worked to bring mobility to the far reaches of the world. With the help of many volunteers, PET had constructed over 725 carts that were delivered to those in need. We are deeply thankful to all of the donations and the volunteers that helped us build these carts over the years. Without your help, we wouldn’t have been able to come this far and help this many people.

Unfortunately, due to several circumstances, the PET Project in Carlisle has to close its doors. We no longer are able to operate the warehouse and continue building carts.

Thank you again, for all that you have done for us. God Bless.

2019 Summary and Year of Giving

Dear Friends,

We are writing to you as a friend of the PET Ministry and we thank you for your time, your prayers, and your financial support in past years.  We have had a productive year and are moving into a year of promise, of expansion, and engagement.  We were producing 200 PETs, and we have surpassed our 2019 goal.  It is our desire to increase our local production for 2020.  This opens the door to more training and collaboration with other helpers and local businesses.  We want to express our thanks to Francis Nester for all the welding he did for our first 1,000 carts.  He is an amazing man.

We have decided to remain in the same location for now, which will allow us to expand our operation, while building on the network already established in Mt. Holly Springs.  Our big plans of expansion, training, and increased productivity require your support in order to be successful.

Your support this year has helped us make our most recent shipment in October of 60 PETs to Sierra Leone.  This shipment required many volunteer hours to paint, assemble, and box the carts for shipment.  The PET costs approximately $500, including shipping.  For a donation of $70, you can put wheels on a cart.  For a donation of $45, you can put a completed seat on the cart.  A monthly pledge of $50 or $100 would help to sustain our mission and allow us to plan and offer us some predictability throughout the year.  Please donate today toward our continued success with the making and distributing of PET wheelchairs.  Visit PET at 6 Mill Street, Mt. Holly Springs, PA 17065 are two ways to donate.  All donations are tax-deductible.

As this year has progressed, and I have experienced more leg and mobility issues, including the below the knee amputation of my right leg.  I am keenly aware of mobility issues and desires in our culture, never mind in rural areas around the world.  How do they do it, how do they keep doing it, and how do they not lose hope?  PET is about hope for people who otherwise crawl on the ground, or always stay at home.  It’s about people who must wait for others to help them get fresh water or food.  A mobility cart can change all of that.  Something we do for fun can change a life!

Jesus says, “Whatever you do unto the least of these my brothers, you do unto me” (Matthew 25:40).  Join us; be a difference maker!

Blessings and Peace in the New Year,


Elaine Livas and Linda Henninger


Troop 185 Huntsdale

On Saturday November 4th we had Scouts from Troop 185 come help at the PET workshop. They enlisted Sheetz to help collect plastic bottles and milk jugs for packing and 6 garbage bags of materials for packing were collected and delivered. These items keep the PET wheelchairs safe during their long transcontinental journey. Thank you, Sheetz and thank you Troop 185!


Christmas is coming and Santa’s workshop is busy!

In addition to making mobility wheelchairs, the workshop is busy on Wednesday mornings 9-12 making crafts for sale to raise money for supplies. There are snowflakes for your yard as well as round tree decorations which have just been shellacked.

Wanda is overseeing the craft making and is painting winter scenes on old slate. She also made block Santas. We will be at the Carlisle High School this Saturday Nov. 4th to sell these crafts or call the office at 717-254-4070. We are there in the workshop Wed. AM and Thurs. all day.
Workers needed. There is plenty of painting to do and primer to apply. Please come join us.  Tues. AM, Wed. AM. Thurs. 9-4, or Sat. 9-12.


Carlisle Mobility Worldwide has been blessed with a huge PET!
This pristine Rhoades bike is a tandem bike where the two people ride side by side. This means we can have people who are disabled participate in any of our bike rides. We ALL like to feel the wind in our hair.  The back of the bike is large enough to attach a cooler for cold drinks, or even a platform for a golden retriever to ride on.
Here Shirley has just taken for a spin down Elaine’s driveway.  If you’d like to come by and try it out, please do. It is not fast, but it sure is mobility at its finest!