Sierra Leone Drop Off This Week

Do you want to get additional income? Let's get down to business. Play the 50 freispiele casino. Seize the moment! This week, a driver will be transporting 60 carts to Sierra Leone, given to recipients of those receiving surgery.  The carts will help them be able to have their mobility back.  We are looking for a driver to volunteer to deliver them to New Jersey.  A church will be holding them until ready to ship.

If you are a driver, please reach out to and let us know you are interested, and what the requirements of the shipping truck need to be for delivery.  This will help us not have to pay for a commercial driver to deliver the carts.

Delivering Carts to Sierra Leone

In October, PET will be sending 60 carts across the ocean to Sierra Leone.  These carts will be shipped from Morristown, NJ.

Our current needs are:

A driver to pickup the 60 carts and deliver them to Morristown.  The truck delivering the carts needs to have a lift, and the truck cannot be a full size truck due to restrictions.

If we are unable to find a driver to volunteer, PET is looking for donations to support paying a commercial driver to deliver the carts.

Arrival of the carts needs to be on October 1st or 2nd.