Come Join Torren Ecker Ride the Bikes

On October 23rd, the Mount Holly Springs Halloween Parade will feature PET as one of the features in the parade. Rep. Torren Ecker and others will be riding the PET bikes in the parade. This is a great opportunity to outreach to the community about these bikes, and the service that PET serves to the global community.

We are still looking for people interested in riding with Torren. We need people who can come at 5:30 PM to line up in the parade, and ride one of the bikes the entire length of the parade. Anyone interested in helping ride the bikes, please email PET Carlisle.

Sierra Leone Drop Off This Week

This week, a driver will be transporting 60 carts to Sierra Leone, given to recipients of those receiving surgery.  The carts will help them be able to have their mobility back.  We are looking for a driver to volunteer to deliver them to New Jersey.  A church will be holding them until ready to ship.

If you are a driver, please reach out to and let us know you are interested, and what the requirements of the shipping truck need to be for delivery.  This will help us not have to pay for a commercial driver to deliver the carts.

Delivering Carts to Sierra Leone

In October, PET will be sending 60 carts across the ocean to Sierra Leone.  These carts will be shipped from Morristown, NJ.

Our current needs are:

A driver to pickup the 60 carts and deliver them to Morristown.  The truck delivering the carts needs to have a lift, and the truck cannot be a full size truck due to restrictions.

If we are unable to find a driver to volunteer, PET is looking for donations to support paying a commercial driver to deliver the carts.

Arrival of the carts needs to be on October 1st or 2nd.


Troop 185 Huntsdale

On Saturday November 4th we had Scouts from Troop 185 come help at the PET workshop. They enlisted Sheetz to help collect plastic bottles and milk jugs for packing and 6 garbage bags of materials for packing were collected and delivered. These items keep the PET wheelchairs safe during their long transcontinental journey. Thank you, Sheetz and thank you Troop 185!


Christmas is coming and Santa’s workshop is busy!

In addition to making mobility wheelchairs, the workshop is busy on Wednesday mornings 9-12 making crafts for sale to raise money for supplies. There are snowflakes for your yard as well as round tree decorations which have just been shellacked.

Wanda is overseeing the craft making and is painting winter scenes on old slate. She also made block Santas. We will be at the Carlisle High School this Saturday Nov. 4th to sell these crafts or call the office at 717-254-4070. We are there in the workshop Wed. AM and Thurs. all day.
Workers needed. There is plenty of painting to do and primer to apply. Please come join us.  Tues. AM, Wed. AM. Thurs. 9-4, or Sat. 9-12.


Carlisle Mobility Worldwide has been blessed with a huge PET!
This pristine Rhoades bike is a tandem bike where the two people ride side by side. This means we can have people who are disabled participate in any of our bike rides. We ALL like to feel the wind in our hair.  The back of the bike is large enough to attach a cooler for cold drinks, or even a platform for a golden retriever to ride on.
Here Shirley has just taken for a spin down Elaine’s driveway.  If you’d like to come by and try it out, please do. It is not fast, but it sure is mobility at its finest!